Clueless Beliefs

Almost every berk who writes a treaties on the planes will tell you that their little world is the center of the universe. They are wrong. Take it from someone who has stood on top of Celestia and toured some of the deepest depths of the Abyss, their is no center of the multiverse. Not even Sigil, as big as it is, can claim that title.—Nefat, elven planewalker

The common belief of almost all mortals is that there is a center of the universe. This belief stems from the penchant for mortals to need to feel as if they have a place in an uncaring reality (The same need that makes mortals worship the gods). It is from this point that most scholars, even those trained in the arcane arts, begin their ordering of reality. There are three major theories that compete for dominance within the halls of the College of Arcane Mysteries. These theories are The Great Wheel Theory, The Orrery Theory, the Nexus Theory.

The Dark Truth

“And I did look into the mirror and see the truth of it all, the cruel joke of the planes. The gods lied, they had not created anything. In the beginning there was only madness, too random to even be called chaos. And it all still is. Where I stood was but the fleece of the slaughtered lamb pulled over my eyes. The world is mad, the entire world is mad. Law and rules aare just lies that the gods tell themselves at night to keep us from seeing the truth. i have seen the truth and so will you.” —From the Codex Anathema


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