Age of Myth

The Beginning.

The world was wiled and covered with ancient trees. A single forest the stretched form ocean to ocean. Down on the floor scurried the earliest life. Monstrous insects, saurian beast, and the lowliest of mammals. Far above in the trees dwelt things of wings and webs. Ruling over it all were the Tree Lords.

The First Cultures

The first society to rise the forest floor were the myconids. With the blessing the of the Tree Lords the myconids shaped the fungus and loam of forest floor into great cities. The largest city was called Shedaklah.

The second society to rise were far above the mushroom men. The spiders who had long inhabited the trees began to adapt. The oldest myths tell of Lolth, the Weaver, drinking from the sap of a dying Tree Lord. The ancient energies held within awoke her mind and showed her magic and the weave. Her bastard children became the first aranea. These spider-men formed hanging communal cities. Here they studied the magic that flowed through the trees and the land about them. The greatest of them became the first geomancers.

While the aranea spun their webs far above the [[Thri-kreen | Mantis Warriors]] began their domination of the of the lesser hives. Discipline and order ruled the lives of these stoic nomads. They did not build towns or cities but followed an order and calculated migration path based upon the first mathematics. It was this cycle that brought Hive Guard into conflict with the myconids. The mushroom men built a great wall of fungus across their growing realm. They did not know that this wall crossed the path of the Mantis Warriors. What began as the a simple migration became the War of Blighted Spores and would see the creation of the Hive and the demoness Zuggtmoy.

The Ancient Saurians

Though no history records them the servants of the Lizard Kings still dwelt in the ruins of their masters. Reduced to not much more than the dinosaurs around them it would be millennia before a new Lizard King arose.

The Lords of the Seas

Accounts differ upon when the races of the Abyssal Seas began. Many historians believe it was not until after the rise of the elves. The truth is much darker. The shifting of the ocean floor during this time released them from their tombs where they had slept since the Aberrant Age.

Age of Myth

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