Tree Lords

Forbidden Lovers

When the multiverse was being order into what it would become many divine beings warred in the heavens for control of the forming spheres. It was during these wars that the pantheons were formed. It was from the forming of the these groups that the gods became estranged from one another. For a god to associate with another from a different pantheon became a form of divine heresy. There was however one god who defied this prohibition.

Set, brother of Osiris, lusted in his heart after Demeter, she of Splendid Fruits. As the other gods warred Set came upon Demeter and forced himself upon her and planted in her a seed. Osiris came upon his brother and fought with him. While brother fought brother Demeter fled to a sphere shunned by the other gods as a dark place and birthed twelve children. These twelve titans would become the Tree Lords.—from the Inner Mysteries of the Church of Demeter.

The Ordering of the Forest

Demeter planted her twelve children deep beneath the earth where they could grow. Slowly the twelve awoke from the slumber of their birth. They found themselves on a harsh rocky world. The ruins of the Lizard Kings dotted the remains of rough mountain edges. Fire and smoke filled the air. The only plants were small patches of scrub brush and fungus living off the sulfuric pools of water. The twelve called out to their mother. They called in vain. Soon the latent knowledge in their divine blood told them what they must do. They conceived a plan to bring life back to this scarred sphere. In their slow thoughts they divided the world into twelve parts and each took a part to care for. It was from these labors that the Ancient Forest was born.


The taint of the Worm twisted the souls of the twelve. Twisting their work and the Ancient Forest itself. Upon their deaths their souls fused with the Abyss and formed the layer called Twelvetrees.

Tree Lords

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